Why should you choose Android as your Mobile OS?

There is a huge debate on which is the better option, a best budget android phone or IOS. If you prefer Android then there are some points that you might find beneficial.

Let’s have a look:

With Android you can have any smartphone you want:

Android has too many options to choose from. From high budget mobiles to low budget. In case, you haven’t decided on which phone to buy, check for the efficiency of the phone and the performance, also the battery durability. These features mostly vary on the brands and its price.

Useful Android widgets:

This makes the user’s life easier. Not wasting any more time, you can just click an icon on your smartphone like time, weather and the application will open.

Multi-user Facility:

Android has the advantage upon your mobile for you to have multiple users on your smartphone. You can have these multiple user facilities on your Android phone and feel safe that your own information will not be shared with others. You can always have kids account on your phone as well so that the kids can watch cartoons on your mobile and not go through your personal stuff.

Google Assistant:

As iPhone has Siri, Android has Google assistant. It can work on your command. Like, set an alarm, call someone, emails and send text messages. These assistants nowadays can be attached to home appliances, such as lightning and heating devices. So whenever you’re buying a smartphone make sure it can be connected to your home appliances as well for convenience.

A rich market for Apps:

There are so many applications available in Google Play. You can choose from millions of apps from there.

Cache clearing:

It is a simple thing to do in Android Smartphones. You just have to select Settings, find the application you want to clear the cache from, then click on application manager. There you can check how much of internal space you’re left with and then with one click you can clear the cache. iPhones do not have this facility. You have to uninstall the app to clear the cache.

Storage space:

Android smartphones use micro SD cards for storage and they can be upgraded up to 128GB. iPhones do not have that. If you want to increase your phone storage you have to pay some extra dollars to increase the storage.

80% market share belongs to Android:

Android has 80% of the market share, whereas iPhone has only 20%.

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