What Best Apps Compliments Your Best Budget Android Phones?

Latest version of Smartphone is making its advancement, making the user too addictive so that we cannot take one step without them. Best budget Android phones are the most in demand as people are capable of buying them.

Why do we go for the latest version of smartphone? This is the first question for the reason of buying one. As we are living in the 21st century, we simply do not need our mobile phones for just calling and texting purpose. We need our best budget Android phones to be our friend, philosopher and guide as well.

Smartphones are the greatest invention of all time. The best feature of these are the various apps or applications. Every single year, apps are getting invented by several companies and individuals. We can have millions of paid and free apps on our Android devices. These apps help us to achieve so many things. However, there are categories and ratings for the best apps every year. Here are some apps that you will definitely find useful for this New Year.

  • WhatsApp Messenger: Seriously! Who doesn’t use this app! Almost everyone does these days. You can text, you can call, and you can video call. Almost every communicating path is attached to this app. You can have different emoticons, while you’re texting, can add videos, text, sound to your texts. You can even take snapshots with it. What more do you want from an app!
  • Dark sky: A weather app for your weather forecasting. Think about it, you’re out on the road and it starts to rain, and you didn’t even bring an umbrella! You definitely do not want to appear in your office looking like a wet cat, or catch a cold! This app is the best of its kind to notify you about the weather beforehand. Better safe than to be sorry.
  • Fitbit: How many times you have tried to maintain a fitness regime and failed? You yourself must have forgotten the count. This is the time and the scope as New Year is on your door, download this fitness app. This will track your daily exercise, log your food intake. You can even compete with friends.
  • PicsArt Photo Studio: Taking a picture with your smartphones and editing them is a hectic work. You want to change the background or to give the picture a different shade, you need a photo editor. Nothing can be better than this app. You can, frame, mashup, filter, collage, change shape, almost everything can be done with your picture, the only thing left is that the person or the place wouldn’t crawl out of your mobile just that glitch!
  • Spotify: The universal music app will let you search out what your favorite artist is listening to. You can add your own song list to it and listen to them, any time you want.

These apps are really useful and you will find them helpful in this New Year. As they satiate almost everything you desire from your smartphone.

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