Tablet or Mobile? Choose The Best

There are the lot of people out there, who owns both Tablet and a Smartphone. After all mobile phone, distributors offer them both at attractive prices. But those who are still contemplating about whether to buy tablet or phone should consider some things in their mind. It’s hard to look away from the shiny and new tablets and smartphones in front of you, but all things that glitter are not gold. So, it’s better to go for the best choice, as the best service provider for the money investment would be worthwhile.

One of the biggest difference between tabs and smartphones is the respective size of the two. But mobile phones are for everyday use that you can travel with. It will fit really well in your pocket while the tablet will not. Phones are better text medium as it enables quick texting, while tablets are best for mail services.

An operating system is available for both devices. One is Android and the other IOS. Both devices run on these OS’s.

Another major difference between Tablets and smartphones is the connectivity system in the devices. Smartphones have both WIFI and 3G connectivity system, while most of the tablets don’t have a 3G connection available in them. Most Tablets run WIFI connection. The tabs who have both connections are rather expensive than normal ones. Where Smartphones share more flexibility in case of connections.

Tablets are a blend of computers and smartphones. Tabs are obviously pricier than the mobiles. There are some apps that don’t work on smartphones, some sites also do not open in the smartphone, and this is where tabs come handy. Fine experience of multimedia on a bigger screen, where you can play games and can experience nice video quality, reading e-books, so then it’s a shout out for tablets.

Smartphones mostly serve their purpose as phones. Where connectivity is the most primary need. But then it also works for the personal minicomputer. While staying outdoors, it is the most useful device of all. Recent days, smartphones have GPS connection attached to them. So that a person can be located with the help of the system. Smartphones also allow us to take snaps, record videos, play games and all, but only in a reduced size screen than the tablets.

Tablets and mobiles both have different features and usability individually. Which is what makes them different in the buyer’s eyes. However, both are popular among most of the mobile phone distributor.

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