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Siri Vs Google Assistant- The Fight Begins

The 21st century is the most advanced era. If you look around, you will get to see so many advancements everywhere. Technology has been the most beneficial of them out of everything else. Even the affordable mobile phones have brought so many advances that in the blink of an eye, you’re getting things done in your mobile.

Isn’t it useful to have an assistant of your own, to do your works as you please? What if the affordable mobile phones could do the same thing for you? Wouldn’t it be great! I’m sure you might have heard some names of virtual assistant’s names that actually resides on your smartphone.

The most heard names are, Siri & Google assistant. There is a long battle between these two, but both are unique in their places.

Google assistant is the latest one from Google. Like Siri, it can launch apps at your command, send text messages, make calls, search the web and answer questions.

This Google assistant was available with Pixel mobiles only but now it’s available with many Android handsets as well. It is now giving competition to Siri, as it has become available in iPhones.

Check out some features of Google assistant

  • It can open apps on your command.
  • It will unlock your panel
  • Google image search
  • Get the best advice on, where, drink, eat, shop or go clubbing.
  • Suggests your vacation spots.
  • Will read the news for you.
  • Weather forecast
  • Sports news
  • Music playing.
  • Play game.

And so many other things can be done by this intelligent assistant.

Now, its turn for Siri. Siri was launched in 2011. It clashed with the launch of iPhone 4. Holding down the home button will start Siri. Apple has added many features to it. It works like Google assistant. Somewhat same like it. It has almost same features, only it’s attached to iPhone. Although it has restrictions, in texting, fitness and photo search.

Siri works in Apple TV, it works in MAC. Google assistant runs the Google home devices.

Both virtual assistants are good at their services, but Google assistant somehow wins the battle, as it comes with Android smartphones, which is cheaper than iPhone and less complicated in many ways.

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