Mend Your Broken Heart This Sad Valentine

That someone very cruel broke your heart and that too on the verge of the “Love” day! What can be more pathetic than a broken heart! However, your latest smartphones have the solution to it.

Although latest smartphones cannot be the perfect solution it can at least try to tape those broken places that have been stomped on and left shattered. So, let the countdown begin.

RX Breakup:

This app will keep you busy for 30 days with various activities. It will also raise your spirit. It will go through your thoughts and some exercises to evaluate what went wrong with your relationship and will find you possible opportunities for future happiness.


When the heart shatters painfully, the human species act in a rather dangerous way. Sulking and wants to be alone. Ice cream and chocolate craving get in high demand. However, that is truly a terrible way to handle things like a heartbreak. This app will kick you out of your dingy closet and let you meet new people. It will ask you about your interests and will find you clubs, fun places where you can interact with new people. It will provide you with learning new things, outdoor exploration, music and so many other things. You can connect yourself with other members, have a group.


Not just a travel app. It will tell you about the place you want to escape to. The travel itinerary. Airports in different places, the price, hotels, car rentals. It will compare flights for you. All the information you need when you want to travel. You can add your budget and the app will show you how far you can go with today’s budget. So get away from all the pain and complications of futile relationships.


A meditation app that will help you get over that toxic relationship faster. It provides different kind meditations, for anxiety, stress, improving your sleep quality, boosting your confidence. Overall, it is for your well-being. It will give a daily reminder to meditate. It will just take some of your busy schedules and you will feel refreshed.

Breakup boss:

This app gives you advice according to relationship advice columnist Zoë Foster Blake. This will help you take charge of your break up. Not letting it controls you. It will push you to do constructive things and will inspire you to go outside and mingle with people. Learn something new and productive.

These apps are really useful if you’re going through a breakup. So, give it a try!

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