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Check These 3 Latest Affordable Mobile Phones In Philippines

The world of smartphones is changing rapidly. Today’s innovation become obsolete tomorrow. However, there are certain brands that are offering quality as well as innovation. This means that once you get one of these smartphones, you won’t need to spare another expense on your smart phone for atleast few years. Let’s take a look at these 3 latest affordable mobile phones in Philippines.

1. Mi Note 5

Mi note 5 is in itself a masterpiece that is offered at an amazing price range. The quality of the phone gives a premium feel to the users with a cutting-edge selfie camera. The phone comes with a 5.9 inches display with high-resolution and 18:9 aspect ratio. Operating on the high core processor, expandable RAM, and an inbuilt storage, it is the best choice for many youths these days in the Philippines. The 2.5 D front glass panel and rounded corner design add a hint of style and elegance in it, under P15,000.

2. Samsung Galaxy J8

Samsung has been keen on targeting the budget android phone market from the past 5 years. Another good smartphone within a common man’s budget is the Samsung Galaxy J8. The phone comes with a super AMOLED screen with a display size of 6 inches. With Qualcomm SDM450 Snapdragon 450 and Android 8.0 (Oreo), the phone performs well in multi-tasking. With the support of dual camera (16MP + 5MP) and front facing camera of 16MP, the phone is ideal for the young generation. The market price for this device in Philippines is close to P13,800

3. Oppo F7

Oppo has certainly taken over the world of smartphones in the last 2 years. With the Oppo F7, the company has put up an open challenge for companies like Samsung, Huawei, etc. The F7 comes with a powerful MediaTek Helio processor and is supported by 6GB RAM. The key feature of this phone is its 25MP front-facing camera. Yes! You read it right- 25MP! The main camera of the phone is 16MP and comes with a battery of 3400 mAh. There are two version of storage facility with this phone – 64GB and 128GB. The market price for this device in Philippines is close to P13,499

Given the wide range of options available and each of the brand having their own core-competency over others, it certainly becomes difficult to choose any one from the range of affordable mobile phones in Philippines.

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Your Checklist For Finding The Best Budget Android Phones In Philippines

At this moment, there are more than 300 brands of smartphones across the world. Each brand has a wide range of smartphones available and each of them promises to be the best in its segment. Given such confusing situation, here is a checklist for finding the best budget android phones in Philippines.

#1 Processor and RAM

The first thing that you should consider while buying a budget smartphone is the processor and RAM of the device. After all, without processor and RAM your phone is nothing beyond a box. Most of the companies are now offering Qualcomm Snapdragon processor along with 4 to 6GB RAM. So, take this as the benchmark. Having a good processor and RAM in your phone offers you the flexibility of running multiple applications at the same time, playing high-end graphics game on your smartphone and also offering speed to your device.

#2 Camera Quality

Now a days, most people prefer taking selfies, rather than asking a second person to click a picture. With powerful selfie cameras, almost every brand is offering 16 MP front facing camera to users within the budget smartphone segment. However, not all cameras perform well in low lights. So before, you jump for a 16MP front facing camera, make sure to check it under low lights. If they are good, then you late night selfies in night clubs would be awesome as well.

#3 Pricing

The most important segment of budget smartphone is pricing. Take into consideration the price of the phone along with the available features. Opting for the highest end specification will also result higher price of the phone. Budget smartphones are usually priced between P12,000 to P18,000.

#4 After-sale Service

Check for the after-sale service for every brand. May it be Samsung, Oppo or OnePlus, always look for reviews where after-sale service is mentioned. If the after-sale service is good, then you have an assurance that your hard-earned money will serve you for a long period.

Thus, we find that keeping the above four factors in mind, finding the best budget android phone in Philippines will not be a tiresome task. It always becomes easier to breakdown the requirement and make a checklist on the grounds that you would be considering for making a decision.

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Trends For Latest Smartphones In Philippines – October 2018

As the month of October approaches, the world of smartphone takes a major turn as new products from Apple Inc. rolls out for common people. Give the fact that not much has changed from the older version of iPhones, brands like Samsung have been able maintain their hold in the market. Here are the trends for latest smartphones in Philippines in that continue to rule the market-

#Trend1 – Speed is everything

The foremost trend that continues to dominate the market of smartphone is speed. Now a days, every smartphone company focuses on creative devices that are fast and can execute multiple tasks at a single time. Brands like OnePlus, Samsung, Huawei, etc., have all introduced smartphones with 6GB RAM to ensure that users can enjoy a seamless experience.

#Trend2 – Pushing towards Bezel less display

One of the biggest challenges for smartphone manufacturers is to offer a bezel less display. This means that the smartphone will have nothing on its surface, except for a screen. Brands like Mi, Oppo, Samsung., etc, have already launched their version of bezel less display smartphone. However, iPhone is yet to overcome this challenge.

#Trend3 – Depth-Control in Camera

Smartphones have become more of an entertainment device, than a utility device. This is why companies are becoming competitive when it comes to camera quality. A decade ago, companies were fighting for clarity of pictures, now companies are fighting for offering picture quality like DSLR’s (with a blurred background). When it comes to image and video quality, Apple still continues to dominate the market, but brands like OnePlus, Samsung and Oppo are not behind by much.

#Trend4 – Competitive Pricing

Pricing is a major concern for all smartphone brands. The recent trend that has been followed by most of the brands is that their new smartphone’s price is slightly higher than their previous top-end version and then a price cut-down is given on the older models. Brands like Apple, Samsung, OnePlus, etc., have all been following the same pricing trend.

With much being said on the prevailing trend of smartphones, it is important for users to consider factors like market response and after-sale service of the phone. To pick the latest smartphone in Philippines, always keep in touch with us and check our offer pricing on a regular basis to get the best deals.

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Looking For The Best Budget Android Phones of 2018? Then Read This First!

Nowadays, the market is flooded with budget smartphones that are packed with features. Each of the brands claims to offer the best budget android phones. However, as a prospective buyer of an android phone, you must consider a few areas. Let us look into this:

Processor Version

The performance of a smartphone is directly related to its version of the processor and its RAM. Some smartphones might look attractive in design, but they are internally very weak in terms of performance. They might term the phone as ‘the fastest’, but in reality, the phone might just start lagging within the first few weeks of its use.

4G Support

The world is now running on the 4G network. However, there are some brands that are still offering 3G devices at very low rates. Though the boxing would suggest that the phone supports fast internet, but in reality, they will only host to the 3G network. Buying a cheap phone with the 3G network is as good as buying a feature phone.

Camera Utility

We have reached the day where phones are as good as DSLRs. May it be blurring out the background or shooting in low light, phone cameras have given DSLRs a run for its money. While buying a budget phone, make sure the camera quality is decent. It is absurd to compare with iPhone, Samsung, and Sony, but the overall image quality should at least offer clear images even after zooming in.

Service after the point of sales

Last, but not the least, make sure that the brand has a good after-sale service. Some of the smartphone brands often lack after sale service due to which the users face a hard time to get their minor issues fixed. So, before you select your budget smartphone to make sure you research on the service centers. The product should also be accompanied with warranty and guarantee.

Find the best budget android phones can be a headache at times as there are so many brands. Each brand tries to portray that they are best in the market. A safe way to determine the same is to consult existing users of the smartphone. If the overall review of the smartphone is good, then go ahead with it. Whereas, if the overall review is poor, then that Android phone should be avoided at all cost.

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Buy 5 Amazing Budget Phones This Halloween

Mobile phones are essential, and we cannot live without them for a single day. There are several kinds of the mobile phone available in the market, some are pricey some are really affordable. However, budget phones are the one of the best among many. Chico mobile has a huge collection of budget phones. Buy Ojos 5 from Chico mobile

This Halloween, get ready to buy gifts for your family and friends. Buy budget phones from Chico mobile and surprise them. We are sure you will be amazed to see the happiness in those scary faces.Read more :Best Budget Phones Are Convenient For Today’s Youth .

Here we present 5 budget Android phones from Chico mobile for your convenience.

1.Tierra Lite

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
4.0” LCD Display
2MP Front + 2MP Rear Camera
Expandable Memory

2. Ojos 2

Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
5.5” LCD Display
2MP Front + 8MP Rear Camera
Expandable Memory up to 32GB


Android 6.0 Marshmallow
Quad-Core 1.3 GHz
5.5” LCD Display
2MP Front + 13MP Rear Camera
Bluetooth / WiFi/ Dual Sim
Expandable Memory

4. AVANCE Classic

Android 7.0 Nougat
Quad-core 1.3GHz
5.5″ LCD Display
2MP Front + 5MP Rear Camera
Bluetooth / WIFI / GPS
3G / 2G
Expandable Memory


Android 4.4.2 KitKat
Dual Core 1.2 GHz
5.0 WVGA LCD Display
0.3MP Front + 2MP Rear Camera
RAM:256MB + ROM:512MB
Expandable Memory up to 32GB

Choose from these amazing budget Android phones and enjoy this Halloween. Happy Halloween Shopping!

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How Smartphones Spends Your Time While Other Devices Can’t

Smartphones are the blessing in today’s world. Not one person can be found who is not engrossed in this sleek and shiny device. No matter what time of the day, 80 out of 100 people are using the smartphones on the road. Best budget Android phones are on the run too. They are important just like the pricey one.One of the best smartphones of this category is Ojos.

It’s really not a surprise that best budget Android phones have come this way to serve people with so many services and keep them occupied.There are certain reasons why today’s youth needs best budget phones for them.

Now coming to the context that the way smartphones keeps people occupied than any other device. It will make you think of so many things around you that can fall under the category of entertaining you and lift your mood up from boredom. However, without mentioning the first name will come into your mind is a smartphone! Are you surprised?No, you’re not. Because this smart device meets every bit of your desire.

Yet we are not making justice with other devices, so let’s take a walk on that road with us.


The first and foremost device of entertaining people. Without squinting an eye, it’s The Radio. It may be old, but admit it, you still go back to this device time to time. Your parents might not have left the addiction of Radio. They still have the old box looking thing, and will eat your ears off if you say something against it. So, the first entertainer in this list is The radio. The endless performance of the artists, nowadays, ads an entire day filled with various songs. The radio jockeys talking incessantly. It’s definitely an entertainer.


Second, comes the almighty Television. The vision you see is the best! You have seen a TV the moment you were born. Although it’s an old thing, and your elders might have had one when they were old enough. A TV still adorns your home, mostly in the living room. You can’t lie but this device actually spends your time. So many channels manage to keep you occupied. If nothing is on you stick yourself to Animal Planet! So it definitely doesn’t bore you.


As we are talking about devices, paperbacks and hardbacks do not fall into this category, but an ebook can for sure. Believe it or not, so many people love ebooks so much, that they can spend an entire day reading from it. So if you can, you can certainly try out an ebook to spend your bored times.

Finally the Mobile

You will definitely fail to mention the many things a mobile keeps you occupied with. Talking to someone you love to play games, browsing the net, and so many things. The list will not end. You can spend your time by listening to music, watching a video, playing games, writing, reading, snapping photos, do you realize, all of it consumes the need of a Radio or a Television? You can even listen to Radio on your smartphone. So this is how it’s superior to any other entertaining device, and can make you sit in one place the entire day.

Still, there are backdrops to it, as you shouldn’t spend so much time with your mobile. You should engage yourself in outdoor activities too, to keep yourself healthy. On the contrary, again, a mobile is a companion you will never have.

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5 Halloween Apps For You To Choose From

Halloween is near, if you’re not preparing for it, start doing it now. What can be the best way to get help from your latest smartphones? So, get to it and download the Halloween apps to scare people.

Apps are the greatest invention of all time. Our life runs on apps these days and we cannot imagine living without it. Literally, anything and everything is app based today and that is why smartphones have become mandatory. We cannot live without food and water for a single day. Similarly, we cannot live without the use of smartphones and the different apps in it for a single day. Without a smartphone, our life will come to a standstill making us feel helpless. Today’s generation loves apps as they can have fun with them. Google play store contributes towards that, here’s how-How Google Play Store Contributes For Today’s Generation

Here is the list of 5 Halloween apps that you can download in your latest smartphones.

Shoot the Zombirds: Shoot the zombie birds to save the pumpkin-headed children. This game is highly addictive.

Plants vs. Zombies 2: Fight the zombies with power plants.

The Room: A 3d puzzle game.

Ghost Observer: Make the haunting real this time.

Turned: Zombie effects: Apply some effects on your selfie and enjoy the turnouts.

So, you see how easy is to prepare yourself for the Halloween. You can enjoy yourself, so with your friends. Happy Halloween!


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5 Times Smartphones Prove That It’s Music To The Ears

“If music be the food of love, play on”- Twelfth Night


Even Shakespeare knew the importance of music in life. So many decades have passed but the love for music in the human being hasn’t faded a bit. With the help of advanced technology, listening to music has become so easy and anyone can enjoy it anytime anywhere. Latest smartphones are one of the devices by which we can enjoy music. Although, mobile’s purpose is calling other people and make conversation. Mobile has advanced with so many accessories .

Ojos 2 is the smartphone from the house of Chico mobile, is capable of providing you the best music and so many other services.

With your latest smartphones you don’t need to buy any music playing device but your mobile will let you have all the benefits. Here, we present the accessories that are a must need for every music enthusiast.

1.Headphones will provide you surrounding sound and an effective noise cancellation benefit. So you can enjoy music without any additional disturbance.

2.Earphones will be your all-time friend. It’s easier to carry everywhere you go and enjoy music anytime and anyplace.

3.Get yourself a Bluetooth speaker and blast music all day long. With the help of your mobile’s Bluetooth, you can enjoy music.

4.Go wireless and enjoy music via Bluetooth. You won’t have to go through the hassle of disentangling the earphone wires anymore with these.

5.Have a micro sd card inside your mobile, and enjoy unlimited music. A spacious sd card will store millions of music.

Have all of these music accessories with your mobile and enjoy the true essence of the same.


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Why Hotspot Is In The Hot Spot These Days?

Technology surprises us almost every day with new inventions. Just like Wi-Fi, now the market is getting hot with the raging demand of the Hotspot. If you have a smartphone, you have Wi-Fi, and with that, you got to have the facility of the Hotspot. All the best budget Android phones have this advantage. So buy Root 3 from the house of Chico mobile because it has the same features.

After Wi-Fi, Hotspot is a wireless network that provides a private internet connection to a particular area. It can be seen in public places such as hotels, airports, rail stations. You can even use Hotspot at your home within your own electronic devices that use the internet. To know more about the utility of internet in your mobile.

Here we list the 5 benefits of Hotspot that has been the talk of this era.

Less expensive:

Affordability is the thing we look for in our gadgets and their connectivity. Like Wi-Fi, Hotspot isn’t expensive. If you have a Wi-Fi you can easily get the facilities of the Hotspot. All you need to do is to enable the service for a particular area. So some specific people can use the service.

Genuine and fast speed:

Except for some bad weather situation, Hotspot works like a pro. The speed is faster than wired connection. Just make sure you’re using your Wi-Fi from an authentic internet provider.

Best for business:

You can use Hotspot service in your office, hotel or cafe. As in a hotel or a cafe, people would like to stay and come back again just to use the services. As for your company or office, your employees will love the friendly atmosphere and the clients will have an extra advantage.

Multiple device connectivity:

You can connect more than two devices with a Hotspot connection. You can have the advantage of connecting your mobile, laptop, tablet altogether. They will give you the same speed. This is how internet connections are used in wide areas.

Broad service area:

It covers a large area by its connection. If you’re in the hotspot area, you can certainly connect your mobile, laptop, and other electronic devices to it and enjoy the services without any disruption.

Technology will keep advancing and people will adopt them too. In the near future, we might get an internet connection that might not be connected through any device! Anything can happen! So keep enjoying the latest technology with the best budget Android phones.

Latest smartphones Philippines
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When Is The Right Time To Give Mobile Phones To Your Kid?

Mobile phones are essential in today’s world. They serve us incessantly, and apparently, we can’t live without them. People of almost every age are addicted to the mobile trend.

Read more : the utility of internet in mobiles

The model ‘Root’ from the house of Chico mobile is a trendy and classy mobile among youths With the help of the internet in the latest smartphones, it’s more attractive to even kids.

Kids love the shiny and sleek device in their elder’s hand. Toddlers often demand to hold the device just to discover this new thing on their own. But that’s just toddlers, what about kids age ranging from 5 to 12? Nowadays, it has happened that even a 5-year-old is playing with the latest smartphones. It is not wholly acceptable for a kid of that age playing with a mobile indoor instead of playing outdoors.

Mobiles are important, that is true. However, it is also important that kids do not engage their time in electronic devices. So what is the right age to give your kid a mobile? The answer is debatable, although refraining them from using the smartphones altogether is the best health tip, we all know it is often not possible to implement. Parents have to understand the priority of the situation. Here are some steps that can be taken to ensure a healthy connection between kids and devices

1. Since mobile phones cannot be fully taken away from the kids, try limiting their access to it. Do not hand them your mobile just because they asked for it. Encourage them to play with their toys or play outside.

2. Put a password into some of your apps. Just to make sure that they don’t get access to everything on your device. Put a child lock on the internet browser you use. It will save you so many troubles and your time.

3. Get them to agree into a fair deal. Like if they finish their chores, they can use the mobile for half an hour. Or if they complete their homework, they can use the mobile for some moment. This way you know, your kids are not lagging and doing their work properly.

4. Encourage your kids to look up educational sites more often. This will help them learn and use the mobile altogether. There are several apps available who teaches through games. Download such apps for your kids and make the right use of it.

To draw a conclusion, kids shouldn’t refrain from technology entirely. They need to learn about the evolving world and its aspects. So give them the space of learning new things, even from the mobile, otherwise, they will be regarded as unintelligible later on. However, keep a close eye on the activity.