Company Profile

Chico Mobile was founded 2nd  quarter of Year 2015, is headquartered in 1430 Bldg.  Doroteo Jose Street, corner T. Alonzo Street. Is a commitment to provide consumers with a full range of mobile communication and information services to leading enterprises. By combining excellent product development, sales & marketing, and customer service competencies, we respond to the needs of Filipinos by providing affordable communications gadgets and with customized features and software for the benefit of Philippines cellular phone users.

We work in strong partnership not only with mobile telephony experts, but also invite our users to be part of our growth and development. We hope that you share our joy in using Chico mobile, and that it leaves you happy and always satisfied.

At Chico mobile, we’re here for those that expect less cost from their smartphone but very techie experience. This is the reason for the dedication and effort we put into bringing users our very best, which is why we put as much effort into what our phones can do for you.

We are driven by our love for art. Our devotion and dedication to the art of technology is what inspires us to create beautiful products-inside and out. Everything is considered. From the tactile qualities to the aesthetic aspects of each of our devices; every angle, every color, every piece is meticulously crafted…so we are left with not just a remarkable looking device, but a cultivated experience

We put as much thought and consideration into the designing of our products as one would into designing their own unique lifestyle, right down to the very minute of details. It is here, where the art of technology and life convene

Chico mobile is relentless in the pursuit of the latest technology, the highest hardware standards and in delivering the best user experience possible. We design, manufacture, and promote our own products to assure customers of reliable and the highest end products possible from beginning to end.

At Chico mobile, we believe that true innovation is all about changing, renewing or creating more effective products that make life simpler. A core part of Chico mobile’s company culture lies in its commitment to working with its family to develop and deliver the best products possible, through openness to customer feedback.

Chico mobile is whole heartedly inspired by its customers. Chico mobile co-develops products with customers based on their feedback on both the hardware and software user experience. Chico mobile has adopted a strategy of rapid release for basic phone, smartphone, Tablet development, releasing firmware updates as well as expanding its reach and service.

R&D and Manufacturing

With a uniquely independent R&D capacity, Chico mobile designs, develops, manufactures, markets and sells its products with full control over the entire supply chain. This ranges from the factories to the hands of customers and while only using the highest quality components available. This ensures Chico mobile can design with the end product in mind and ensure that only the best possible quality products reach the customers. The company operates to the highest quality assurance standards from rigorous design reviews through to scientific solution verification.


Our mission is to be one of the leading mobile distributor in Local market   nationwide. Our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations by using up   to date, innovative and trend setting phones that will satisfy the client’s   wants and needs. and to be one of the local mobile brand to look up too.


To establish collaborative linkages with various partner institutions as means  for timely and relevant business and technological development while  advocating the standards of ethical business practices.

We assure to our client of a fast turnaround on the service request and significantly reduce downtime. All these are being aimed to provide best and satisfactory service to our clients and help them maximize and achieved the target by consistently providing them with cutting edge technology that will keep us at the forefront in the telecommunications industry.

And to continuously develop a globally competitive brand through the innovation of its products and services resulting from extensive research and development efforts.

Chico mobile’s Commitment


*Chico mobile commits for making a difference in their lives through technological solutions for communication, innovative products and  services, and top notch customer services.


*Chico mobile commits to uphold its ideals of maintaining the credibility of our organization, the business processes, products and services through the promotion and maintenance of ethical corporate culture and practices.

Most of our clients are from prestigious members of the small and big businesses in mobile, IT, independent shops and malls nationwide who are willing to open with the ideas of having their own conceptualized store, must have to trust the

Chico mobile will soon prove that service and customer satisfaction track record in a short span of time will make the value of our products not only reasonable but also acceptable to the public. Our Technical Department comprises of technicians who are all well trained to serve the growing demands and needs of the users will be catered. Our technical personnel keeps track of its every project, from the beginning to the end and undergoes extensive technical training on each product to provide our customer the best services we could possibly give to our customers.


*We encourage a culture of investment and pioneering to actively seek new opportunities for growth, engaging all our stakeholders to contribute to our success.


*We promote open communication and honesty with all of our stakeholders, establishing long-lasting, fruitful relationships based on trust and mutual respect.


We consider that passion and heart are cornerstones of our organization and the key to driving our success in effectively serving our stakeholders and offering them the means to fully benefit from our experience and expertise in providing quality telecommunications solutions.


We believe that working together as a team is the key to our business and, as such, we aim to foster a collaborative and friendly work environment where each team member is a partner in our company’s success.


*We strive for excellence across our operations and are dedicated to achieving our goals and objectives as one holistic Group.

Keys to Success

*Key to success for Chico mobile will include: Providing the highest quality product with personal customer service. Competitive pricing.

*Latest fashionable design, trendy and up to date specs and very ambitious.


Chico mobile provides one year free warranty from date of purchase. This warranty covers hardware only. Accessories such as headphones, V/USB cables, CDROM record media; CD, floppy disk, etc. are not cover by this warranty. This warranty does not cover any of the following circumstances: The product has been repaired, serviced or modified by a third party other than Chico mobile service personnel Damage defect resulting from mishandling, incorrect usage, or from natural disaster. This warranty has been modified or defaced. The above terms and conditions are for general reference only and are subject to change by Chico mobile without prior notice.

*For more questions, concerns, clarification and information about Chico mobile, please feel free to contact us anytime during office hours or we can sit down and talk about the details and we will make a perfect and suited deal for you. We are hoping to do good business with you in the near future and we can assure a better outcome and turn over after we have done each and every transactions.



*1430 bldg. 4th floor D. Jose Street cor. T. Alonzo Street Manila, Philippines