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8 Must-Have Apps For Your New Android Smartphone

Apple devices are prone to get more attention and spotlight, but coming to the matter of market share, the dominant is Android. According to IDC, Android phones have made 84.3 % of the worldwide market, in the third quarter of this year. Most of the latest smartphones are android based because it offers a variety of prices, style choices and user-friendliness.

There are so many options for software that aren’t available with IOS. If you’re keen to know where to start with your new Android Smartphone and looking for new apps, here are some useful apps that will come handy and you will definitely consider.

Avast Mobile Security and Antivirus:

The first and foremost thing you would want the safety of your smartphone. Where you will be needing an effective antivirus program. Avast is on the top and it’s free. Other than basic protection, it checks the working of your apps and prevents malware. This includes an anti-theft component too.


Evernote is your mini journal. It’s an all-around multi-tasking tool, it’s a list keeper, webpage clipper, note taker, to-do manager, and voice recorder. It’s somewhat overwhelming at first but you’ll quickly grasp the ways you can put this to your use.

Solid Explorer:

This is a file management program, these are always helpful, and specifically when you load your smartphone’s hard drive. It not only help in organizing your files also protect the files with extra security.

Facebook Messenger:

This messenger is filled with whistles and bells a huge collection of stickers also. Voice and video calling and you can send text messages too. You don’t even need an account for this app.

Google Drive:

It isn’t just a cloud storage device, it will sync and store your files. It includes a nice mobile office suite, so creating and editing files is a lot easier with it. It can also store files locally to view them while offline.

Last pass:

We are all bad at remembering passwords, thankfully there are apps to remember passwords like the Last pass. It helps to generate complex and unique passwords for sites and apps, whenever you need to log in, it will fill up the right password. It also stores additional information, so if you ever get tired of filling out forms or applications, it will fill in the forms for you.

PicsArt Photo Studio:

This is the next best option for photo editing after Instagram, it not just have many filters but also crammed with many tools.

SwiftKey Keyboard:

This is one of the favorable Android keyboard apps. It has a high predictive technology, a nice privacy policy for, login information or credit card details and you can switch between so many languages.

These apps will come real handy every time. So whenever you set to buy your new latest Android Smartphone, make sure to add these essential apps to it.

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