7 New Year Resolution Apps For You To Follow

Resolutions are the thing we love to make every time a year starts. And we almost forget them every time as the year rolls on. However, resolutions should fun too. Not all resolution have to be tiring and obviously not the ones you definitely cannot keep. There are so many apps for Android, which will let you make the same and for that, you will need latest smartphones for sure.

So are you excited to make some new resolutions this year? Last time for some problems you couldn’t keep your promises, but this year you have a secret weapon to keep your resolutions. Surely you’ll be required latest smartphones for this task.

Here is some list of apps, where you can indulge yourself in something productive, fun and engaging.

1. Simple Habit

Meditation is very useful. You can be free of stress by practicing it every day. This app allows meditating 5 minutes a day. It has tracks attached to it, so you can relax as well.

2. Memrise

Speak a new language, with this app. This learning app is part game and part story. You can learn, Korean, French, Spanish and German and so many other languages from this app.

3. C25K

How about trying to stay in shape! Get a jogging app. This will get you out of the Turkey-coma of Christmas time. This running app will help a lot.

4. Sleepfulness

Busy life and sleeping have almost taken it’s adieu, but you got to have a sleep schedule of full 8 hours. It helps you get 8 hours of sleep, with some soothing tracks that will help you fall asleep.

5. Yousician

This one is an amazing app if you want to learn to play a new instrument. You can learn basic guitar, piano. It not just only teaches you, it lets you record your session and play it for you and detects the error.

6. Kitchen Stories

It’s been long, you wanted to learn some new recipes.? This is a collection of recipes and you can try out new ones too, with video tutorials. This app will be a nice start.

7. Shoptimix

A shopping list app. You definitely need it. Just to make sure you don’t end up buying food items that you regret buying later. This will help you choose from food to drinks. Vegan lifestyle followers will love this app. It’s really easy to use.

These apps will help you to keep your resolution this year. Hopefully, you will not fail.

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