5 Android Apps For This Valentine’s Day

This Valentine’s Day makes a smart use of your latest smartphones and looks up some useful apps that will help you make your Valentine’s Day very special.

There are some very important apps that will help you plan this year’s Valentine. You can plan everything perfectly and within your budget as well. Your latest smartphones will be your friend, philosopher, guide in this case. So if your girlfriend or boyfriend sees you spending too much time on your smartphone, before some days of the “love” day! Tell them not to worry about attention, they will get more attention for an entire week!

Let’s look at some of these apps:


This app will be a lifesaver, for one day delivery of chocolates, teddy bears or flowers. If you are late in planning the sweet things for your sweetheart, then this is the app for you. This app will arrange the things and deliver it to you from the local shops on the same day. It’s a free app. However, never be late in the matter of hearts!

Ink Cards:

Flowers will be arranged with chocolates and soft toys. What about the card! You’re not that emotionless lover, who just picks a card from the store and drops it into the mail! Ink cards will make it special for you. Where you can make personalized cards and order them. You will get your delivery in 3 to 5 days. The card literally costs lesser than you think. So plan ahead for this one.


Why do you have to pay for something without the slightest discount! Getting discounts and coupons are really nice after all. Especially on restaurants, bars, spa etc. So you can have an excellent time with your significant other.


This one helps you choose a restaurant. You can search out the local one and the menus. You can even find out if vegan food is available or oysters! You can reserve a table for two, online. It is a free app.



Now it’s the time when you have to look at your budget too. Wally will do that for you. You set your budget and this app will help you maintain everything accordingly. By having a list of your receipts and lets you manually log your expenses.

All of these will help you plan out a perfect Valentine for your loved one.

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